Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday Bananas and other Random Thoughts

While London is drowning under rain, I wake up and try to keep up the mood.
There is plenty to worry about lately.
International affairs are keeping my head busy. How can people just avoid looking at what is going on? Ok, I guess this moment of global panic comes after reading few books that contributed to an additional wake up call.

The latest - I must recommend it - is The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, best known for her No Logo. The book is an informative and yes, shocking excursus from the Fifties till the Iraq war that explains and proves with breathtaking clarity the path and growth of Disaster Capitalism.
It's the perfect reading for those really willing to understand more of the tangled dynamics of our poor Western - and not - World.

In the meantime, while the powerful ones are keeping an eye open towards the next crisis to profit from, Italy is sinking deeper into scandals.

Just like today's Guardian headline:

Silvio Berlusconi says he will stay on as Italy's PM even if convicted in court

From good to great I guess. Even after seeing the immunity law sacked from the Constitutional Court, he tried to amend the terms for limitation in order to ensure that the current law suits against him end up in dust. However - for once - the President of Italy, Mr. Napolitano - sent the drafted law straight back to Parliament. Which means nothing in practice. In fact, if the Parliament approves it again, he will be forced to sign it and the change will start operating... Last source of hope would be a claim of unconstitutionality. Not sure about that though.

Soon we will see Mr. Berlusconi back to Court to attend the Appeal trial that sees him as corrupter of his UK lawyer, Mr. Mills. All great stories to talk about, in a country hit hard by unemployment and where SMEs are struggling to get to the end of the month, not even the year.

I guess Parliament is so busy trying to save the feathers of our PM that everything else can easily be stuck on the corner, on hold till the real collapse occurs.

Bottom-line: they ate all the Bananas and now we are left with the skin (if so).

In the meantime, I am trying to make my way to breakfast - Sunday morning without a proper one is no Sunday. To then devote most of this rainy day to keep up with the research I am doing. Due to my professional engagement, I am trying to learn more about Behavioural Change. The book Performance, by Robin Stuart-Kotze, is landing me a hand at the moment.
I have always laughed at those reading guru books, especially if linked to business. The bottom line was "Can't you do it yourself?"... But now I came to realise that when you are inside the project, part of it, engine of it, supervisor of it and so on, few suggestions - external ones - might be handy.

Off to eggs, juice, yogurt, coffee and everything I could possibly feel like in this horrible London day.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Out of Space - Analogic London

It's been too long. It's been hard to find time.
To breathe. To live.
I am glad to say I am finding the strenght to make London my new home.

London is another one of those love&hate relationships I so easily get into.

Here is a visual diary of my life, as per now. I am finding new joy in analogic photography. It's such an emotion to get the film developed to re-discover shots taken and already forgotten.

Ducks lounging - view from my balcony.

Phat Phuc Noodle Bar - More than a restaurant, an institution.

London Pagoda in Battersea Park and Battersea Power Station in the background.

My beloved Ransome's Dock - Home.

View from my balcony No. 2 - Thames oriented.

I need to get back to writing. I need to find time and energy to put my thoughts into words.
There is a lot going on in the world.
Politics, international affairs, shoes, cocktails.
So much to talk about.

Inshallah - if God wants - I will be back soon.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Mad-Hatting here and there...

I lost touch with this virtual reality due to an intense dive into physical truth.

These past couple of months have taught me one of the greatest lessons of all.

You never know.

And it's so freaking true... I did make plans. And I did believe in every single drop of them.

But then. The unexpected.

So, to make it concrete. These are the latest news. Might be hard to digest but life does not always taste like candy! A+ facts and other meaningful events:

- I am happily in love with my Life but not planning final details for my India's Trip.
- My life took one of those detours leading up north.
- London is The Place.
- Amazing opportunity... Another proof that my Karma was in great shape, indeed.
- Italy. Two months and a half. Life is hard. Family as well. And I love both.
- These days are hectic but things look marvelous (...I think I do too, due to general satisfaction).
- Weddings, parties, trips... Friends are forever and that's a fact.
- Can't wait to organise a quicky in Barcelona, miss everyone.
- Wednesday is Birth Day (like the detached version, sounds more cheerful).
- One thing I truly adore about my life... When I happen to start behaving, something happens that...

Running through life with a torch in my hand, I found a hole and couldn't help jumping in.


Thursday, 23 April 2009

Now is such a precious time

An Osho card called Silence says "Now is such a precious time" and I agree. This is quite a special moment.
But these days are not for talking nor for writing.
I am diving in deep silence, within myself, in spite of all the words I am sharing with family and friends.
Relocating is never easy. That I know.
Although satisfied and at peace with my decision, I now find myself trying hard to balance my steps and avoid falls.
This is why I am leaving the task of explaining my Here and Now (let's say my last month) to some pictures.
There will be days for written words.
This journey is getting tougher and I need to accomodate it, without fighting.
And I'll have to make sure to gather all the energy I can possibly find.
From within.

After a few days of packing, we were all quite stressed.
Even my cat couldn't help feeling weird.
Those boxes around my apartment were the clear sign of imminent change. In spite of how exciting these phases are, I did feel shaky. Is it because I am a true grown up?
I had the chance to put together some initial thoughts about my relocation in Egypt... And my mind spinned at her best, staring at those endless landscapes.

And then what? Bologna city welcomed me with her mixed vibrations and invisible horizon. Compensated by the warm hug of those I love.

Next week I will be in London. New scenario, again. And that unique smell of fresh opportunities.


Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Beginning

I am back.
Soon, very soon, some words about this new beginning.


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Just a few words today

I am packing. I hate it.
Plenty of tiny pieces of me in a box.
In the meantime, my creativity went completely dry.
I don't feel like writing, which sounds like a normal blackout, considering the moment.
Once back in Italy, I will get back to my Words.

There's plenty that needs to be shared.
For the moment, I am sorrounded by boxes and piles of clothes.
My cat is looking at me with that expression.
He knows, deep inside...
It's a shame that personal development has to go through grades of separation.
But it is also needed. And healthy.
I feel energised for my new beginning.
Which looks pretty bright.
And it's not a start, anyway.
It's just another phase, the next step.

Monday, 16 March 2009

...Another Proof

This past weekend has been truly amazing. Barcelona is blossoming and getting at its best, just like every spring. It's one of the shames of my departure... Not that Italy isn't a wonderful place to be, especially during this season. But in any case, I must admit that the presence of the beach, right off the city centre, makes a gigantic difference and turns Barcelona into a special mix of ancient buildings, modern people and sunny sand strips.

The world is blossoming and I flower along with it.

However, I must go.

I have gone as far as I could here and I am sure I have done everything I had to. The time is right for several reasons and there is no point in sticking to attachment. I experienced a weird but clear feeling and acknowledged the fact that another phase of my busy yet magical life just opened up.

How do I feel?

Well, just like every person with a lot of suitcases, I am a bit confused. I look around my room, trying to count how many shoes, books, dresses, bags, scarves, cats (luckily just one), accessories and lotions I managed to collect during these past two years. The answer is A Lot.

However, for the first time in my life, I feel completely content with my choices. There is some sort of lucky star guiding me and I can perceive its power without struggling too much to read signs. It's just there, shining.

My latest horoscopes have been simply great, telling me how energized, happy, satisfied, complete and convinced I should be. And for once I agree with them. I do feel like an A+ Fact, in spite of the recent losses of my "certainties".

I have spent a few weeks now without reading the news. I am not aware of the most updated bad news with regards to the decline of the empire. And once more, I have got to say that it feels so good not to know how many people got fired last week worldwide.

I am one of those, anyway. So let's say that we can share some mercy and unite each other in the Worldwide Movement of People that got Kicked Out. Kicked out of where? Of the system, of the box, down the train, off the boot. Does it matter? Not really. The train slowed down anyway while the system is cracking and the box is wide open, letting go years and years of secrets and lies. The boot has always been more confortable somewhere else anyway. All I can say is No Big Deal.

This past Friday I got another proof that my Karma is great. This cutie spent almost half hour going up and down my arms and legs. She was telling me how I have no reason to worry and I agreed.

Someone else once sang... Everything is gonna be alright...