Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunday Bananas and other Random Thoughts

While London is drowning under rain, I wake up and try to keep up the mood.
There is plenty to worry about lately.
International affairs are keeping my head busy. How can people just avoid looking at what is going on? Ok, I guess this moment of global panic comes after reading few books that contributed to an additional wake up call.

The latest - I must recommend it - is The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, best known for her No Logo. The book is an informative and yes, shocking excursus from the Fifties till the Iraq war that explains and proves with breathtaking clarity the path and growth of Disaster Capitalism.
It's the perfect reading for those really willing to understand more of the tangled dynamics of our poor Western - and not - World.

In the meantime, while the powerful ones are keeping an eye open towards the next crisis to profit from, Italy is sinking deeper into scandals.

Just like today's Guardian headline:

Silvio Berlusconi says he will stay on as Italy's PM even if convicted in court

From good to great I guess. Even after seeing the immunity law sacked from the Constitutional Court, he tried to amend the terms for limitation in order to ensure that the current law suits against him end up in dust. However - for once - the President of Italy, Mr. Napolitano - sent the drafted law straight back to Parliament. Which means nothing in practice. In fact, if the Parliament approves it again, he will be forced to sign it and the change will start operating... Last source of hope would be a claim of unconstitutionality. Not sure about that though.

Soon we will see Mr. Berlusconi back to Court to attend the Appeal trial that sees him as corrupter of his UK lawyer, Mr. Mills. All great stories to talk about, in a country hit hard by unemployment and where SMEs are struggling to get to the end of the month, not even the year.

I guess Parliament is so busy trying to save the feathers of our PM that everything else can easily be stuck on the corner, on hold till the real collapse occurs.

Bottom-line: they ate all the Bananas and now we are left with the skin (if so).

In the meantime, I am trying to make my way to breakfast - Sunday morning without a proper one is no Sunday. To then devote most of this rainy day to keep up with the research I am doing. Due to my professional engagement, I am trying to learn more about Behavioural Change. The book Performance, by Robin Stuart-Kotze, is landing me a hand at the moment.
I have always laughed at those reading guru books, especially if linked to business. The bottom line was "Can't you do it yourself?"... But now I came to realise that when you are inside the project, part of it, engine of it, supervisor of it and so on, few suggestions - external ones - might be handy.

Off to eggs, juice, yogurt, coffee and everything I could possibly feel like in this horrible London day.


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